DOUG is your friendly neighborhood design studio.

Our clients are local, small businesses doing their usual good, and we’re here to be a part of it.

Founded by Jeffery Frankenhauser and Nicole Marsh, DOUG studio focuses on approachable design for organizations in our community.

I go where the good work is being done.
— Sissy Spacek

Fun fact: Our cat is also named Doug. That’s where we got the name, which evolved into an acronym for Doing Our Usual Good (at the suggestion of Nicole’s former schoolmate—thanks, Franky!)







Nicole is a Portland-born graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Portland State University. A sort of Jack of All Trades, she’s enthusiastic about conceptual design, constructive critique, and the unique creations that result from people working together.

In previous lives, she worked as a director of live broadcast news, a freelance photographer, and an easily-flustered telemarketer. Nicole is equipped with a diverse set of skills, including writing in third person.


Jeffery Frankenhauser is also a graduate of Portland State’s Graphic Design program. After college, he spent four years at XPLANE, a design consultancy, working on communication and strategy pieces for large organizations. 

He loves to simplify and clarify complex ideas and information into thoughtful, approachable pieces. Jeffery is passionate about solving problems with design and his best work comes from designing within systems and limitations.


We’re always on the lookout for clients, collaborators, and cat-lovers.



We also have a cat named Taco, who is very upset that the company was not named after him. He is currently seeking legal recourse to resolve this great injustice.